Frédéric GIRAULT

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I am Junior Professor at Université Paris Cité, in the research team ‘Physics of Natural Sites’ at Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP).

My research activities encompass fieldwork, laboratory experiments, and analogical, analytical, and numerical modelling to understand the behaviour of natural geosystems.

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Welcome to my professional web page. Here you will find information about my research activities.

My research interests deal mainly with:

- Properties of gas transport in porous media

- Hydrothermal systems

- Volcanic and non-volcanic carbon dioxide emissions

- Radon-222 and Radium-226 in the Critical Zone

- Emanometry techniques and radioprotection

- Polluted sites: assessment and remediation

- Carbon dioxide sequestration

- Characterization and modeling of natural systems and processes

- Volcanic plume and lava fountain: characterization and modeling

- Production of fluids from rock under stress (tri-axial cell)

- Effect of thermal fracturation on fluid production in rocks